Maestro  Piero Caraba
Maestro Piero Caraba

He is author of instrumental and scenic music and composed orchestral and choral music. His works are published by many publishing houses: for example, “Fondamenti pratici d’armonia” (Ricordi); “Le Forme della Musica” written with Carlo Pedini (Editrice Sinfonica – Milano).
He hosted between 1983 and 1986 over 100 radio-programs about classical music on the RaiStereoDue channel; later he realized a radio program on Radio Vaticana.
He has been vice-conductor of the choir “Cantori di Assisi” and conductor of the choir “Kalendimaggio di Assisi”.
He is member of the Artistic Commettee of the Associazione Regionale Cori del Lazio.
He founded and conducted the “Coro Città di Roma”; he conducted the Choir “Camerata Polifonica Viterbese”; he is conductor of the Coro Città di Bastia.
From 2006 is Artistic and Musical Director of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Civitavecchia.
From November 2011 is Artistic Director of the Fondazione Guido D’Arezzo.
He is Director of the “F. Morlacchi” Music Conservatory in Perugia, where he was in 1981/82 teacher of Armony Theory and Compositive Form Analisys for the II Level Achademic Courses.