Flag_of_ItalyItaly –¬†Loreto (Ancona)

Coro “Vox Phoenicis”

The choir Vox Phoenicis was founded in Loreto in 2013 and is formed by non-professional singers united by the passion for music and singing and coming from various choirs of the Macerata and Ancona provinces.
The purpose of the group is choral singing in all its forms and aspects, with the aim of approaching the different musical eras in full compliance with the style and performance practices of each of them. The choir has performed in numerous festivals and events: Festival “Saper Vivere” (Tolentino), the concert “Accogl-in-Canto” for the 1st Hospitality National Day promoted by Associazione Incanta (Rome) and the Christmas Concert “Ed ecco la stella” realized with the partnership of Rotary Club Loreto.
The Vox Phoenicis Choir is directed since its foundation by Carlo Paniccià.