“Antonio Guanti” International Choir Competition – 2013 Edition Programme

Sala Consiliare
Sala Consiliare “Pier Paolo Pasolini” – Matera

The third edition of the “Antonio Guanti” International Choir Competition will take place on Saturday 16th November and on Sunday 17th November, with the following programme:

  • Saturday 16th November
      • ore 17.00: Semi-final
  • Sunday 17th November
      • ore 10.00: Final
      • ore 18.00: Award ceremony and Winners Concert

The Competition and the Winners Concert will take place in the Sala Consiliare “Pier Paolo Pasolini”, Via Sallustio (c/o Centro Commerciale Il Circo) – Matera.
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Watch Sala Consiliare “Pier Paolo Pasolini” – Matera in a larger map

The selected Choirs for the 2013 Competition